Sunday, April 10, 2011

Links ...

  1. Jeffrey Young in CHE: Supercomputers Let Up on Speed -- With big money and competitiveness at stake, smarter—not faster—designs may be winners.

  2. Derek Thompson interviews Daniel Gilbert: What Is the Secret to Happiness and Money? Follow these principles: 1) Buy more experiences and fewer objects. 2) Don't worry about insurance. 3) The frequency of happy events matters more than their intensity.

  3. Jonah Lehrer in True Grit. An extended essay on K. Anders Ericsson's work on expertise, and Angela Duckworth's grit.

    [Lehrer's article frames the research by talking about some of the famous quarterbacks in American football. If he were to use bowlers for this purpose, he would pick those -- like Ian Botham, Glenn McGrath, Anil Kumble, and Muthaiah Muralitharan -- known for their consistent and accurate bowling (for an example from the other end of the spectrum, he might pick Shaun Tait). From the current crop of bowlers, I think his choice would be Lasith 'Slinga' Malinga who, apparently, practices his yorkers by hitting a pair of shoes placed at the crease where batsmen stand. In today's Mumbai-Delhi match three of Malinga's five wickets fell to his toe-crushers. Awesome.]

  4. Gretchen Cuda-Kroen in NPR: Being Bilingual May Boost Your Brain Power.

    See also: Being Bilingual: Beneficial Workout for the Brain by David L. Wheeler in CHE.

  5. Janet Stemwedel at Adventures in Science and Ethics: How can you have a university without a philosophy department?