Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Geeta Anand on the state of higher ed in India

The second link takes a look at Wipro's initiative to train the teachers. But there's nothing new in the first link if you have been following the (lack of progress in) India's higher ed sector -- what is different this time is that the employability issue is being raised not by the IT industry, but by call centers -- yes, call centers. Now, that is a low blow!

  1. India Graduates Millions, but Too Few Are Fit to Hire

  2. Wipro Program Takes on Education Woes

Thanks to my colleague Prof. Dipankar Banerjee for the e-mail alert.


  1. SImpaCT said...

    Hi Abi, Don't know if you have seen this recent survey

    The problem is so complex that it takes about 34 pages to just explore parts of it, leave alone the solutions. I say 34 because I wrote a paper attempting to get a handle on it. Let me inflict this on your readers :-) (34 pages)

  2. sugan said...