Friday, March 11, 2011

MHRD Appoints a Vice Chancellor ...

... and "forgets" to inform him about it. He does the right thing by saying "no" to the offer.

HRD raises bad manners bar -- VC appointment without basic courtesy backfires

Calcutta-based academic Sukanta Chaudhuri has declined his appointment as vice-chancellor of a central university on the ground that the government had not taken his prior consent.

The refusal by Chaudhuri, an internationally renowned scholar of English literature, is an embarrassment for the Union human resource development ministry ...

Thanks for the alert go to Desi Babu.


  1. Skeptic said...

    This demonstrates once again the arrogance of the MHRD and the government in general. Kudos to Prof Chaudhuri for doing the right thing. Shame on the government, the minister and his babus.