Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wild, wacky world of academia

  1. Ellen Laird in The Chronicle of Higher Education: Prime Suspect, Second Row Center. "[N]ow a suspected ax murderer was one of my students. What should I do?"

  2. A French-Israeli academic sued a journal editor for libel and defamation when the latter published a negative review of her book. The French courts ruled against her. Now, for the first time, we have her side of the story.

  3. A PhD thesis on snowboarding? [h/t: Chris Blattman]

  4. This one is for LaTeX-nerds: LaTeX Coffee Stains -- the post is about a style file that adds a coffee stain to your documents. [h/t: Raghu's Buzz]

  5. GRE revises its General Test. Again. The change takes effect this August.