Monday, March 07, 2011

Rahul Basu

Via Anant and Rahul Siddharthan comes the sad news that Rahul Basu passed away two days ago.

From this memorial page at the IMSc website for his friends to share their memories:

Rahul Basu, particle physicist; gourmet, cook and blogger; devourer of books, music, film and good wine; traveller, lover of Delhi and bon vivant, but above all a close friend to many from all around the world, passed away on March 5th, 2011. He was 55.

I have never met Rahul. But, thanks to the Web, I have had the good fortune to read, enjoy, and benefit from his blog posts and comments (here and elsewhere) on an amazingly rich variety of topics, ranging from shoddy (China-related) journalism at The Hindu, to the state of science in India, to IPL matches, to Ram Guha's India after Gandhi, to Elections 2009, to movies, to food, and to a movie about food.

These posts represent just a fraction of Rahul's interests. Their clarity, vigour and humour pack quite punch -- Rahul was the kind of person you wanted on your side in public debates!

It's really, really sad that he's no more.

* * *

If you (or, people you know) have memories / tributes to share, IMSc has this memorial page for Rahul Basu.