Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Jed-I Project Challenge

LimberLink Technologies is a start-up founded by (friends and former colleagues) V. Vinay and Swami Manohar. The company has, among other things, two interesting initiatives for youngsters -- college students and graduates.

  1. Jed-I:

    Jed-i stands for the Joy of Engineering, Design, and Innovation. The Jed-i project challenge is an annual event designed to identify and showcase the best final year engineering project.

    The challenge is open to students from all branches from all engineering colleges across India. The branches will be grouped into three divisions for evaluation: Computing, Electrical, and Mechanical.

    The deadline for registration is 15 March 2011. The rules for participation are here

  2. FreshApples:

    This site has an intriguing slogan: "Freshapples helps you to differentiate yourself." You can use the site not only to showcase your talents and skills, but also to meet and interact with "menchers" (mentor + teacher), experienced hands in your field.

    It's this stuff about menchers that makes the site promising and special: menchers are those who offer their support and guidance by helping you discover and develop important skills (as well as identify and plug gaps in your skill-set), and giving you and your skills their stamp of approval.

    The focus of the site is firmly on career development, but it goes beyond CV-hosting, and forces you to combine self-initiative and expert guidance in a fairly methodical and deliberate fashion. Also, the mencher-mentee relationship is a lot more active (and a lot more structured) than that of "links" LinkedIn.

    Take a look!