Saturday, February 20, 2010

Outrage at AMU

Two updates on the outrage at Aligarh Muslim University:

  1. A group of 13 academics and teachers have issued a statement. Read it at Kafila or at Hindustan Times:

    The outrage of the university authorities is deeply misdirected. Instead of suspending Dr Siras, they should have taken stern and serious action against those who so blatantly took on the role of playing moral police with no regard whatsoever for Dr Siras’ constitutionally recognised right to privacy and dignity within his home and the university.

  2. Interestingly, AMU was also in the news yesterday for something else: its tie-up with the Law School of George Washington University. Here's how the Dean of the high profile American private university outlined their joint research program:

    The major areas of research between the two institutes would include intellectual property law, Islamic law, constitutional law, international and comparative law and environmental law.

    Notably, he didn't specify privacy laws (presumably, it's included in constitutional law ...).

    I wonder if GWU even knew who it was getting into bed with ...


  1. Tarun said...

    I don't find the AMU incident surprising at all. Rather than ignoring The Naked Emperor, let it be said that religious sentiments play a big role in most hiring/firing and various other administrative decisions made at AMU (they take the 'M' in AMU very seriously). It has never been an equal opportunity place in any sense of the word, so what's all this surprise and WTF's?

  2. Anonymous said...

    Tarun, librals like this blog writter will have no issue with academic institution turning into religious one. After all, it is about secularism :-)
    However, they will have lot of problem if people do not accept westeren norms. May be it is a news to him but except tin-pot librals no one would like to have their kids being educated by gays.

  3. Anonymous said...

    @Anon2: Is "libral" a sun sign?