Saturday, February 13, 2010

Deadly faculty meeting at UAlabama

Among the dead are three faculty members, including the Chairperson [via Madhusudan Katti].

From the first link:

Three faculty members at the University of Alabama in Huntsville were shot to death, and three other people were seriously wounded at a biology faculty meeting on Friday afternoon, university officials said.

The Associated Press reported that a biology professor, identified as Amy Bishop, was charged with murder.

According to a faculty member, the professor had applied for tenure, been turned down, and appealed the decision. She learned on Friday that she had been denied once again.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Not that it justifies this reaction, the tenure process depends on if you are on the wrong side of the powers to be. She could be crazy, which would be the easy explanation or she could have been really screwed by someone in the dept. Unfortunate reaction and an unfortunate end result.

  2. Krishnan said...

    Shocking ! Once again reiterates the point that guns are dangerous in arms crazy nation.

  3. Yeti said...

    Second Indian/Indian-origin (?) prof. to get killed on American campus. First it was Prof. G.V. Loganathan in the 2007 Virginia Tech shootings and now it is Prof. G.K.Podila who was presumably chairing the ill-fated meeting.

  4. Anonymous said...

    Hopefully this will supply some context before ppl rush off to "screwed by the dept".
    (collected from nytimes, msnbc and other sites)

    - This lady previously shot her brother dead and that was ruled an accidental death
    - she accidentally fired a shotgun three times
    - the first shot accidentally went thru ceiling of her room
    - she went downstairs and accidentally shot her brother in the chest with her second round
    - she proceeded outside and the third round was accidentally discharged into the sky while she was talking to somebody who had a car or dealership trying to get their car.

    - She was also among those investigated for a mailed pipe bomb incident at Harvard
    - the bomb in q was mailed to a senior faculty with whom she apparently did have some dispute.

    - She had a gun the husband kind of denied knowing abt and now seems to admit he did know abt it.

    - She went to a shooting range 2 days prior to this attack.


  5. Anonymous said...

    One further update on the accidental shooting of her brother Ms.Bishop was, um, 'involved in'.

    Quite accidentally the pattern of the accidental shooting matched that of a shooting described in a copy of National Enquirer that was found accidentally lying around on her bedroom floor by investigators :-)