Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Med Schools at IITs? MCI Says, "No."

Looks like MCI has shot down the idea. For now.

Apparently, the IITs -- with the exception of IIT-KGP -- want to run an MBBS program without running a teaching hospital; they would tie up with a private hospital. MCI, naturally, doesn't like it one bit.

At least, that's the explicitly stated reason for saying 'No' to the proposal. I'm not very clear about whether it is such a big deal; I mean, are there medical colleges that don't run their own teaching hospitals?


  1. புருனோ Bruno said...

    The difference between Other Colleges and Medical Colleges is that Medical College is an offshoot of the hospital and it is not that Hospitals are Labs that are added as a part of College

    You need to have the hospital first and Medical College can come only next

    Here College is a part of the Hospital and Not vice versa where Labs are parts of Colleges

  2. புருனோ Bruno said...

    There can be few exceptions, here and there, but the general dictum is HOSPITAL First and College Next


    For Example, Government General Hospital was started in 1664 and Madras Medical College Started in 1835

  3. Anonymous said...

    MCI's decision is reasonable because IITs which dont have any hospital will have to either create that infrastructure (read hospital) first or have to use a functioning hospital and enter into an arrangment with that hospital.This relaxation if granted will be a slippery slope because then many of the engineering colleges and deemed universities would ask for them to be exempted from having a hospital before starting a medical collge.Let IITs focus on what they are doing. IITs are IITs, they are not Harvard or MIT, nor can they be compared with a university system like that of Texas A&M or University of California. Yeshiva University, New York has a law school and Albert Einstein College of Medicine (AECOM) but both are distinct entities.One is not the off shoot of another.A hospital was there at Bronx, AECOM was set up later.IITs can diversify into new areas in engineering and technology and can upgrade their schools and departments.Why venture into an area where they have no previous experience.IITs starting medical colleges will be like IISc starting centers on dance, folklore, lingustics,anthropology and human rights.