Monday, February 15, 2010

Webcast of a lecture by Nobel Laureate Eric Cornell in Bangalore

The lecture is on The How and Why of the World's Lowest Temperatures, and it's scheduled for 10:00 a.m. tomorrow (Feb 16, 2010). See this page for more info, and this page for signing up.

Here's an excerpt from the note I received from Simon Frantz, Senior Editor at

... [W]e are involved with a regular series of lecture events in India that I hope you will be interested in. We have an educational partnership between and Honeywell, called the Honeywell-Nobel Initiative, which six times a year brings Nobel Laureates in Physics and Chemistry to universities worldwide, where they interact with students through lectures, question and answer sessions and lab visits.

Two of these six events involve a Nobel Laureate visiting a university in India, and on the 16 and 17 February, the 2001 Nobel Laureate in Physics, Professor Eric Cornell, will visit the MSRIT campus at Visvesvaraya Technology University, Bangalore. A live webcast of Professor Cornell's lecture, entitled “The How and Why of the World's Lowest Temperatures,” will be broadcast on the event's dedicated website on 16 Feb at 10am.

We are keen that savvy online people with an interest in this area are aware of this lecture webcast, as any online viewer can submit a question directly to Professor Cornell in the Question and Answer session following his lecture (by emailing questions to or by posting them to the Honeywell-Nobel Initiative’s orkut, facebook and twitter pages).