Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The situation in IIM-Shillong

This story has little that we didn't know (from Rashmi Bansal's report), but I just wanted to highlight two things which, taken together, paint a rather grim picture:

  1. IIM Shillong started its first session in July, 2008, with 13 faculty members. At least six of them resigned recently, though some officials at IIM Shillong said some of them were asked to leave.

  2. IIM Shillong chairman RN Datta, however, has defended the director. Datta told Financial Chronicle, “There is nothing extraordinary or abnormal in people leaving or joining any organisation. ..."


  1. Anonymous said...

    Does anyone have statistics on how many people left IIT Guwahati before they introduced the '7 year rule' (this essentially says if one leaves before 7 years of service, some part of the benefit from the institute will not be given)? I believe the number is quite large (in comparison with other iits), although I don't know if there is any news article on this. So, R N Datta is not totall wrong !!

  2. Anonymous said...

    These kinds of posts on the internet should not be given prominence, just because it pertains to an IIM. This is the first year of the IIM in Shillong. There is no local talent available, and where, therefore, all the faculty are from outside. Their progress deserves our support, rather than criticism. Faculty joining may have done so because it is an IIM. They may not have been ready for the local environment (or the inadequacies there), and so they left. If some disgruntled element releases such negative news, we should not give it prominence. I have not seen any specific allegations, other than the fact that many faculty have left!