Monday, November 23, 2009

The scamference goes completely "In Absentia"

On the ICFCA-2010 website, this is what we find:

Due to unexpectedly higher number of "Application of Absentia", ICFCA Board has found it unfeasible to conduct an oral presentation of the research papers for a minor number of attendees as previously mentioned in the website on 20-21 March, 2010. Publishing Board of ICFCA apologizes to the few students who opted for oral presentation. However, all the selected research papers will be published in IJFCA Digital Library as regular research papers ...

Some update:

  1. In this comments thread, someone mentioned that the conference has a bank account in a Bangalore branch of ICICI Bank.

  2. The identity of the organizer(s) is yet to be established.

  3. The logos of several tech companies are still flashing in the left panel, misleading people into believing that they are associated with the conference.

I'm sure I'm not the only one to see the rich irony in an online scamster taking a whole bunch of tech-savvy people -- tech companies, ACM, IISc, researchers, faculty, students -- for a ride.

The scamference is supposed to be devoted to "futuristic computer applications." The organizer perhaps wanted to lead by example, with an application called "Conference In Absentia". Looks like it has been one hell of a success so far...


  1. Subrahmanya said...

    Dear Abi,
    It appears you have missed an intermediate update from the ICFCA site:
    "ICFCA is now fully supported by IJFCA Journal Series. Due to certain copyright violation and logistics issues, we are relinquishing the ties with ACM.
    All the research manuscripts are to be published in the IJFCA Digital Library (DL). The Digital Library will be available for public usage from February 25, 2010. This is the initial public launch of IJFCA as an open access journal. We will share the ISSN (open access) and "impact factor (IF)" of IJFCA with the launch of the DL. Initial indexing is established with DBLP and citeseer".

    For the first time the organizers have admitted that the journal (IJFCA) is yet to be launched.

    It appears that the impact factor also will be fake! How is it possible to compute the impact factor for a journal, as soon as it is launched?

  2. Anonymous said...

    The CFP link seems to be gone. I have saved a copy of it, just in case.

  3. Abi said...

    @Anon (#2): The conference link seems to work for me. So, which link are you talking about?

    Last I checked, the venue link did vanish, but we know the reason for that, don't we?

  4. Anonymous said...

    I am referring to the pdf file of the call for papers that has a list of well known scientists as co-program chairs. I contacted one of them and he told me that he had asked the conference to remove his name.

  5. arora said...

    I went to the web page. They must be some stupid entrepreneurs who think that they can make money just by fooling people. They do not even know how to write the topics of the research areas. e.g. both advanced databases and data base (note the space) are present which is rather stupid. This is not how we write Blue Tooth (it's bluetooth). You wont find the name of the conference chairs on internet, except on their website. Complaint of fraud must be lodged against them, so that no one take academia for a ride in India.

  6. Jit Ray chowdhury said...

    Some more light on this subject.

  7. Moiz Hussain said...

    I am Moiz; author of Paper ID: RES-32.

    I have already commented on the parent chain that a digital library is recognized from its ISSN number and not from any association with ACM.

    I sent a mail to ICFCA regarding the ISSN. They have responded back with a valid answer saying since IJFCA DL is the maiden launch, ISSN will be available on the day of launch from the Digital Library itself.

    I think if its not the ACM; then perhaps a handful of people will succeed in damaging the reputation of ICFCA and thereby our papers.

    Plz do not use the mail for spams.

  8. Anonymous said...


    Please ask ICFCA which of the people that are named in the conference call for papers exist and what are their addresses and for those ones that are real, if ICFCA took their permission.

  9. Moiz Hussain said...

    I sent a mail asking for the details. The mail mentions that a few unintentional errors in the co-chairs took place which they have removed. For my question regarding contact details, the mails reads that telephonic contact details are reserved only for personnel usage asking me to direct any queries to the official mail address.

    I think its valid response. Atleast I won't share my contact details on the internet and get spammed.

    By the way, why are we talking this stuff when they have apologised on their website and provided the launch date as Feb 25th , 2010.

  10. Anonymous said...

    A legitimate conference/journal would give out the names of its main organizers/editors together with detailed affiliation and web page. They need not give phone number or email addresses.

    In regards to unintentional errors in co-chairs... How can that happen. How can someone wrongly be listed as a co-chair?

    To prove that the conference/journal is legit they must list the name and traceable affiliation of the main organizers/editors.

    Otherwise it strongly smells like a a scam and fraud.

    It is the responsibility of the organizers to prove it otherwise as they have already done bait and switch by canceling the conference and admiting that names listed as co-chairs are not all co-chairs.

  11. Jit Ray chowdhury said...

    unintentional errors in co-chairs tracked down...

    copied in order from ..

    Joe Halpern, Cornell University
    Jason Hartline, Microsoft Research
    Donna Hoffman, Univesity of California, Riverside
    Kartik Hosanager, Wharton; University of Pennsylvania
    Nicole Immorlica, CWI, Netherlands
    Adam Juda, Google

    The ones now remaining after deleting these have no online existance.

  12. Jit Ray chowdhury said...

    I have some questions to ICFCA or ICFCA supporting Author.

    Why are all refrence about inernship and supporting companies like Google, Texas, Yahoo removed.

    It's doubtful howmany pages or if the site would remain till 25th Feb if everything is getting removed at this pace

  13. Anonymous said...

    Does not matter what they remove from their website. The pdf document of their call for papers is around and that has all the stuff that they originally put. So they can't hide their scam.

  14. Anonymous said...

    It is sad and bad that this academic fraud is happening taking the names of ACM,Duke University and IISc.

    If at all the journal will be launched on Feb 25?If yes,will it have any weightage?

  15. IJFCA - International Journal on Futuristic Computer Applications said...

    I agree with Moiz. ICFCA has intimated us regarding the lack of support from ACM and also the cancellation of oral presentation.
    Being an author (RES-A12), I think we should wait till the launch of the Journal Digital Library. Irresponsible comments will damage the credibility of the Journal issue.

  16. Anonymous said...

    Hi Jit,
    Is there any post evidence for what u claim such type of scamferences. If there, pls provide details. Cyber crime branch will take care of it.

  17. Anonymous said...

    News Alert : The guy behind this scanference calls himself Chandra (at least for the time being) and he says he works for Sloka Telekom. His phone number is +919901815031.

    Now he claims to publish the articles "with initial indexing with DBLP and citeseer". Only time will tell if he is true to his tall claims. Till now he has excelled in his phony tactics. If he doesn't stay true to his latest claim we may have to go to the press and the police maybe and ruin this guy aka Thrope's career.

    Big names - ACM, Google, Intel, Duke University, etc..... - vanished one by one from the web site. If citeseer and DBLP meet the same fate later on we'll have to hunt and nail this guy down so that he doesn't fall into these scanference habits again.

  18. Anonymous said...

    Wow!!! This guy Chandra, talks so well and has answers for everything! He should have become a politician! If this guy was Kasab's lawyer, Kasab would have been a free man today!!