Friday, November 27, 2009

Links ...

  1. Suzanne Franks at Thus Spake Zuska: Lives of the Saints of Science: Darwin:

    This past year the scientific community has been engaged in a massive telling and retelling of the story of one of those key figures - Charles Darwin. All year long, I have been reminded of my first encounter with the actual writings of Mr. Darwin, as opposed to the presentation of his myth. It happened in a women's studies class.

  2. Charu Sudan Kasturi in The Telegraph: Foreign University Bill in Deep Freeze:

    A proposed law to allow the entry and regulation of foreign universities will now be reviewed afresh under a panel of top bureaucrats, threatening to delay indefinitely a legislation scheduled for cabinet approval. [...]

    The decision to refer the bill to a committee of secretaries effectively means the proposed legislation, which may now undergo fresh changes, is unlikely to see the light of day for some time.

    Typically, committees of secretaries take several months to review a proposal or draft legislation before finalising their reports. But they have no time restrictions within which they are required to complete the review.

  3. Thomas Frank in WSJ: A Liberal Thanksgiving: "We hear much less nonsense about the wisdom of markets these days."

    ... Just about the only ones who still believe in omniscient markets anymore are the think-tankers who are paid to believe in it.