Monday, November 09, 2009

Ayyadurai: "[DG, CSIR] believes he knows it all"

In the 42-page document Shiva and Sardana described Brahmachari as the “director general who believes he knows all even though he has minimal depth of information and domain knowledge.”

The duo accused Brahmachari of “maintaining a close coterie of sycophants, mostly incompetent” and not allowing the opposition views for any debate. [source]

That's from the now infamous Chapter 7 of a report entitled "CSIR-TECH -- Path Forward" by Shiva Ayyadurai and Deepak Sardana. This chapter is about "the multiple challenges to realizing a CSIR-TECH company."

The authors also suggest a possible solution to this "challenge" of having to deal with a DG who "believes he knows it all" and who "maintains a close coterie of [mostly incompetent] sycophants". Here is their suggested solution, in full:

SOLUTION: 21st Century Leadership Training both short and long-term to be repeated until basic elements of leadership are learned. Beyond book learning.

May I request you all to stop laughing, now?

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A couple of quick observations:

  1. If Ayyadurai chooses to pull this kind of stunt against the man who hired him (and whose support he needs for setting up CSIR-TECH), I have to wonder why he's protesting his dismissal.

  2. Having vitiated the working environment with his report, why would Ayyadurai -- a man with 4 degrees from MIT and with 'rich' experience in starting and running companies -- want his job back? Strange ...


  1. Anonymous said...

    Like always, truth is somewhere in the middle.

    Apparently DG made fake promises to Shiva which he is not allowed to make under Indian salary rules. I guess Shiva got back to him in this manner. Both are unprofessional.

    Irrespective of the fiasco one can not deny two things:

    1. DG hired a wrong guy.
    2. It is true that CSIR is in mess. This is based on several personal experiences of several people for so many years.

    Some of the excellent CSIR labs and scientists are exception and not the rule.

  2. Rahul Siddharthan said...

    I agree with anonymous. Looks like unprofessionalism on all sides. Brahmachari/CSIR may be embarrassed, but if Ayyadurai thinks the episode does him any credit, he is very mistaken.

  3. Anonymous said...

    its a classic case of "meri billi mere ko hi myaw"! the DG seemed to have hired yet another incompetent yes-man, but his plan has royally backfired. will someone please initiate an investigation into the appointments made by CSIR?

    though not a fan of ayyadurai, i think he has stirred a hornet's nest, and hopefully something good will come out of this for the poor indian taxpayer.

  4. Anonymous said...

    I had the honour of visiting Dr. V. A. Shiva's website:

    I did not know who he was until I took the cursor to the center of that striking image of what looks like Nataraja. And then I saw light. You too should, if you have'nt.

    If you don't you will simple not understand the rest of the mai. So I implore you ...

    We are all being petty and jealous of a man with such varied accomplishments.

    Even his proposed solution is so simple: like rinse until white. Simple and effective.

    He could have saved CSIR. And now he is lost forever because we could not understand his greatness.

    What will he do now? He has already been to the electrical engineering dept, mechanical engineering, media lab and finally to biological engineering. When he finally teams up with Deepak Chopra on quantum ayurveda, all of you guys will regret it.

  5. Anonymous said...

    I looked at Shiva's website and concluded that he is a great salesman, but not that much substance (though he is smart).

    I dont think he was a great choice for the position which CSIR-DG wanted. But of course, Shiva would have been successful with CSIR as there is hardly anything commercial from CSIR labs. It is easier to build from zero.

  6. karthik said...

    Comment No 4

    Best sycophant EVER!

  7. Anonymous said...

    @karthik, What did you find so objectionable about my comments? Please explain.

    I am being objective. So whose sycophant was I? I am at loss.

  8. Anonymous said...

    Interesting article in the New York Times about this.

    "To prove his point, Mr. Brahmachari, who was two hours late for an interview scheduled by his office, read from a government guide about decision-making in the organization. Mr. Ayyadurai didn’t follow protocol, he said. “As long as your language is positive for the organization I have no problem,” he added.

    As the interview was closing, Mr. Brahmachari questioned why anyone would be interested in the situation, and then said he would complain to a reporter’s bosses in New York if she continued to pursue the story."

    Makes Brahmachari look like the poster-child for Indian incompetence.

  9. Anonymous said...

    Guys, there's a NEW article on Nature.Com, "Innovation Demands Freedom" from Dr. Ayyadurai. It's a MUST read. Some CSIR scientists have also put up a blog where THE REPORT can be downloaded. I think it's

  10. Anonymous said...

    Is Ayyadurai asking for his job or is he asking for JUSTICE? I think you should read Nature article that came out on 1st Dec 2009. In that article he clearly talks about open forum discussion. Why is CSIR leadership shying away from it when they think they are CLEAN and have done no wrong? Let the truth come out in public based on this open forum dialogue...