Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More bad news for Sancheti

The New Indian Express has a second follow up on l'affaire Sancheti (see also this and this). Many of the claims he has made in his response to TNIE's questions have now been refuted by the publisher of the journal in which his paper appeared.

Here's an excerpt:

National Institute of Technology Karnataka (NIT-K) director Dr Sandeep Sancheti’s statements refuting the plagiarism allegations against him appears to have backfired with the journal, in which his paper was published, challenging his views. The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) journal’s editor Stuart Govan, in an e-mail to Express, has called the retracted paper ‘plagiarised’, barred a co-author of the paper from reviewing or publishing in the journal for 12 months and promised that the paper would be labelled retracted on the journal’s website.

Due to some strange quirks of the TNIE site, the full report has not appeared in the linked page; however, the reporter, Shamsheer Yousaf, has added the missing bits in the comments. So, do read the comments as well -- at least the first three!