Tuesday, September 22, 2009

MacArthur Fellows ...

... were announced today.

I am happy to see Prof. L. Mahadevan (IIT-M alum and professor at Harvard) in the impressive line-up of people who won the Genius Awards from the MacArthur Foundation this year. I learned about his interesting work from this profile in the Harvard Magazine. Ashutosh Jogalekar alerted me about another profile that appeared in Boston Globe later last year.

I am also happy to see on that list MIT economist Esther Duflo whose research on India is well known: see, for example, Remedying Education: Evidence from Two Randomized Experiments in India, and Why Political Reservations?.


  1. Ronnie Coleman said...

    Abi, off-topic comment, but have you seen this link:


    It's sad that MHRD doesn't consider the IITs or IISc in this league.

  2. Shamsheer said...

    Its good to see the photojournalist Lynsey Addario(http://www.lynseyaddario.com) make it too. Her Darfur and Afghanistan iseries is a very compelling piece of work