Sunday, September 27, 2009

Links ...

  1. Pam Belluck: A burst of technology, helping the blind to see. Some pretty amazing stuff here. Here's one:

    Sharron Kay Thornton, 60, from Smithdale, Miss., blinded by a skin condition, regained sight in one eye after doctors at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine extracted a tooth (her eyetooth, actually), shaved it down and used it as a base for a plastic lens replacing her cornea.

    It was the first time the procedure, modified osteo-odonto-keratoprosthesis, was performed in this country. The surgeon, Dr. Victor L. Perez, said it could help people with severely scarred corneas from chemical or combat injuries.

  2. The Situationist Blog: Change Blindness (a video explaining a very intriguing form of attentional blindness).

  3. Richard Thaler (of Nudge fame): Opting in vs. opting out (how to nudge people to agree to donate their organs).

  4. Giridhar offers a balanced take on the IIX salaries. Along the way, you will also learn more about what exactly will be the salary of a freshly minted assistant professor. His concern, which I share, is about how to make IIXs friendly places for junior faculty.

  5. Tarek El-Tablawy: Saudi Arabia launches KAUST, a grand science and technology university.