Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pushpa Bhargava leaves the National Knowledge Commision

Actually, he has been asked to leave. DNA has the story:

Higher education has been the topic of bitter fights between Pitroda and Bhargava, the helmsmen of PM’s pet commission, with Bhargava insisting that the NKC’s letters and reports include marks of dissent from the members. Pitroda allegedly sent some letters to the PMO without Bhargava’s knowledge.

The fight reached its nadir when Pitroda asked for Bhargava’s resignation, which the latter refused, insisting that the order should come from the Prime Minister.

That has finally happened, after Pitroda gave an ultimatum of “either him or me” to the PM. Though the decision to remove Bhargava was taken in mid-April, the official letter from the Planning Commission on the reconstitution of NKC reached Bhargava’s office in Hyderabad only on Friday.

Even after being asked to go, Bhargava wouldn't quit badmouthing Pitroda! Look at what he said to DNA:

“Unfortunately, a person who has established himself by lying continues to be at the helm of NKC. The PM could have removed Sam and me (if the fights were the reason). There are hundreds of better people than us who deserve to be there,” Bhargava said.

Hmmm. Hundreds of people? Better than him? Now he tells us!

Anyways, the reconstituted NKC has two new members: Prof. P. Balaram (Director, IISc) and Sujatha Ramdorai (TIFR).