Saturday, May 05, 2007

Just drop everything ...

... and head over to The Big Picture, the blog of Prof. T.T. Ram Mohan, a finance and accounting professor at IIM-Ahmedabad, and an Economic Times columnist. He started his blog way back in September 2006 (with this post), but I discovered it just now [Many thanks to Kuffir for the BlogBharti link].

I have been a fan of Prof. Ram Mohan's columns -- particularly those on topics of more general interest. I have had several occasions to link to them on this blog (here and here), as well as over at How the Other Half Lives. I admire his keenness for nuanced argument and even-handed way of dealing with often contentious issues; even more admirable is his emphasis on a pragmatic search for the way forward in addressing these issues.

In recent days, Ram Mohan has weighed in on a bunch of things that should be of interest to us here. Let me just link to them; there will be other occasions to offer my comment.

I'm sure there are many others that are buried in the archives; you can expect more links to his blog.