Friday, May 18, 2007

Class XII results from Karnataka

Here in Karnataka, it's called the second year Pre-University (PU) exam. This board seems to be a lot less liberal than the Tamil Nadu board, with barely over half the students passing the exam (in TN, it was about 81 percent).

Once again, we find that girls have done better -- in fact, far better -- than boys have. Even though some 43,000 more boys (nearly 250,000) took the exam than girls (207,000), there are more girls among those who passed the exam: 120,000 to 112,000. This gives a whopping difference in pass percentage: 58 percent for girls and 45 percent for boys!

The Karnataka PU Board does not seem to believe in providing more detailed information about the toppers except to say that some 8000 of them have passed with distinction (an aggregate of 85 percent and above).

But this board has given some information about the three different streams: Arts, Commerce and Science. In each of them, girls have done better; their lead over the boys is the least for in the Science stream. Looking specifically at this stream, we find that even though boys had a big lead (75K to 59K) over girls among the exam takers, they have only a far slimmer lead (33K to 31K) among the graduates. Once again, in terms of pass percentage, girls outshine boys 52 to 44 percent.


  1. Anonymous said...

    When you say that only 50% of the students have passed in karnataka and say that 81% of the students passed in tamil nadu its cuz of the syllabus difference.. We have the syllabus of CBSE where as TN syllabus is like our class X syllabus when i compared them , So yea most Students most of them are boys are working in shops and have got no time to study... I don't know how many girls would do this kind of thing...