Wednesday, May 30, 2007

CBSE (Class X) results

Restults are summarized here. Some key points:

Over 700,000 students took the exam, and 84.4 percent of them passed. Girls had only a small edge over boys in pass rate (84.7 vs. 84.2).

There are more girls (55 percent) than boys among the 2923 students with 95+ percent.

Boys (50.4 percent) outnumber girls by a small margin among the 28187 students with 90+ percent.

There are 5251 candidates with 100 percent in mathematics; boys have a much larger edge over girls in this category. [link]

Kendriya Vidyalayas (95.6 percent) and Jawahar Navodayas (96.4 percent) are ahead of private schools (91.8 percent) and other government schools (70.3 percent). [link]

The biggest story, apparently, is the huge improvement in the performance of students from non-KV government schools (most of which appear to belong to the Delhi government). The pass rate for the Delhi schools went up some 59 percent last year to 77 percent this year! The Indian Express has a story about this phenomenon. Do take a list of things -- at the end of the story -- the Delhi government did to improve things in its schools.