Monday, May 15, 2006

Gosh, these guys actually got 34,000 votes?

Over at Vkpedia Vijay has an interview of Santanagopalan Vasudev, Lok Parithran's candidate in the Mylapore constituency in Chennai.

On economic policy:

Frankly, I don't have any concrete agenda. The fact is we are a new party. We know that there are plans now, and that they don't work. The existing policies are flawed. So, we need to do a lot of research on those lines and come up with policies that will work.

On the change that Lok Parithran wishes to bring about:

We know for sure, all of us, that the current political setup is not correct, and it has contributed negatively to our country's growth. You and I are in the same mess. I think it is time to clean up the mess, and I seek your support. It is all too easy to pass comments about politicians and the state of our country. We think it takes courage to stand up, and we think we have ideas to make things happen. [...] As I have always maintained, it is not about political power, but about political activism. ...

And finally, on the issue of reservation:

I'm very doubtful about introducing reservations in medical education. After all, it is a question of life and death. Why would I want anyone who is incompetent to be handling such a situation? Should we open up reservations in niche areas? I will not favour it.

Frankly, I am surprised that nearly 10,000 votes went to this party in the Mylapore constituency alone.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Abi, I think we must rather appreciate the fact that he has the guts to accept it. That sounds like an excuse, but really, they were not ready for this election. A party that is two months old cannot offer much more.

    I would much like to know what Mr. Vijayakanth's response to the same questions would have been. If DMDK managed to poll 8.38% of the votes, then LP's 34000+ is very very low, given that they seem to passionately believe that there is a solution, and they are definitely working towards it.

    P.S.: You have linked the same reply to two different questions.

  2. Anonymous said...

    "Take for example, the traffic problem. Everyone knows that the number of vehicles is increasing day after passing day. But which city does not have traffic problems? Even New York City is no exception. So what is the solution? The solution is that Chennai should grow. It is a small city, and it must grow."

    what the hell kind of solution is this? I remember people were damn impressed with these guys when they first came out and I had friends emailing me about how wonderful these guys were but really, all the support for these guys comes from the fact that everyone is pissed off at every other party. But is this criterion enough for supporting someone?

  3. Abi said...

    Vijay: First of all, thank you for that wonderful interview that brought out the what Lok Parithran is all about.

    We know why news media and bloggers are giving Lok Parithran the kind of attention they have received so far: it's because it's touted as the party with a difference, a party of the educated people, party of the elite, party of the youth, etc. At the end of all the hype, what we get is some inanities about how they will figure out what they want to do on the economic and social fronts, and that's truly disappointing.

    The moment they are being compared to Vijayakant's party (DMDK), I believe they have lost it.

    Finally, thanks for pointing out the error (two quotes being the same); I have corrected the post.

    Gawker: Thanks for that extract from the interview. I believe there are quite a few other such 'revealing' answers there; and what they 'reveal' is not at all encouraging.

  4. Anonymous said...

    I told in the beginning itself that this lok taritram guys do not know any thing about the ground reality.

    It was their ignorance that led them give such a idiotic manifesto which no one can really understand.

    If they want to serve society, let them first compete in Panchayat election, win , administer a village or ward and then think about MLA

  5. Anonymous said...

    Well, not everyone needs to be from a rural constituency. Urban folk have their concerns too. Moreover, there is no need to first contest panchayat or ward elections before contesting assembly elections. In fact, even DMDK has not contested any ward elections (same with ADMK when they split from DMK).

    Let us not even begin to talk about foolish manifestos given the great ones produced by DMK and ADMK.

    I do agree that they need to learn how to talk on TV and in public. They get agitated too soon and totally miss the golden opportunity to present their point of view.

    It seems they are making the classic mistake of talking about compromising merit when it comes to the reservation issue. I do not think anyone believes that merit will be compromised significantly by favoring an excellent OBC in place of an outstanding FC.

    They should have talked about enumeration and exclusion of the creamy layer as mandated by the mandal commission. That has not happened in TN. Generation after generation of the same dominant OBCs corner both open and reserved category seats. That is the key issue and must have been the main thrust of their message.

    Anyway most people voted for them because they are sick of vote bank and entitlement politics. They are very new and they may not be inline with your interests, but that is the beauty of democracy.

  6. Anonymous said...

    Even though I disagree with the implementation of reservations, I must say that his reservation response is most disappointing.

    One would have thought if they're standing for election, they'd at least have rehearsed a few lines about their stand on various issues.

    Now they just come off as blustery..and it also looks like they're just trying to capitalize on the IIT tag without any concrete roadmap..

  7. Anonymous said...

    They got some votes. They are better than anyone else who stands alongside. I don't really understand what problem do you people sitting in your rooms and blogging comfortably have with a new youth outfit which is trying to change the way things have always been.
    I wholeheartedly support them and the stand they have taken even if the stand is one of ignorance and inexperience. I will substantiate my views soon enough and will post a link here to show how shallow is the persona and value system of all you people who are trying to debunk all for none.

  8. Anonymous said...

    Not bad as manifestoes go. While others' manifestoes couch theirs in populism, LP makes its ignorance plain. Fools? Maybe. Knaves? No. Abi, do you really believe what your representative wants to do for you? Do you really believe that your representative will deliver on promises? How refreshing to have a manifesto that doesn't promise anything but says that new solutions are required. We certainly have a messed up system. It doesn't take much intelligence to deduce that; but takes some courage and honesty to put that into a manifesto and be quoted.

    Abi, Frankly, I am surprised that nearly 10,000 votes went to this party. No wonder you are surprised. You wouldn't be if you read this closely,

    It is all too easy to pass comments about politicians and the state of our country. We think it takes courage to stand up, and we think we have ideas to make things happen. These guys clearly have some spunk.

    Instead of smirking at them how about some action from you? Have you ever talked to your MP/MLA/Councillor?

    Techno/managerial solutions have worked very well in India. Their suggestion for clearing traffic in the city by letting it grow is what any civil engineer would offer.

    We are an underrepresented people – how can an MLA represent 2.5 lac people and an MP 5 lac? Our local self governments are weak and where they are strong as in WB and Kerala are simply tongs and triads of the commies. Bruno you are right. Rural constituencies or panchayats are good places to start. Maybe more youngsters will follow LP's lead.

    LP shd be appreciated for trying to bring about change politically. Who knows if they will ever return?

  9. Anonymous said...

    They need not go to the villages.... Even in Chennai, they should first start from winning the ward election and then becoming a ward member, administer a population of about 10,000 and then come to MLA election.....

    ABout ADMK, you should understand one basic point that 50% of the candidaets were already politicians. The same with DMK or MDMK (Or for that matter any party that is formed by breaking away)

    But these guys do not have any experience... How can we trust them with administration

    Even when one clears UPSC thoery and interview, he/she is given a training and then posted as Sub Collector.... Do you know that in the initial periods, they have to look after the VAO job and verify tax collection.....

    You cannot do anything in the top when you do not know what is happening in the bottom....

    That is the reason why illiterate politicians spoil education system...

  10. Abi said...

    Dr. Bruno, RC, Shrikant, Cipher, Pennathur: Thanks for your comments. Yesterday, this young party went through a split; the allegations were about as bizarre as one can get when a political party splits. The update is here.