Friday, May 19, 2006

India's industrial renaissance

Anand Giridharadas has this story in today's NYTimes about the industrial renaissance in India:

Here in Tamil Nadu State, where the changes are the fastest, global corporations are already taking advantage of this shift toward manufacturing. Victoria's Secret buys 6.5 million bras a year in this city, roughly one-tenth of its global total, from a factory run by Limited Brands, the parent company. Nokia recently erected a high-volume factory here that it says will produce more than 30 million phones a year and account for at least one-tenth of its global output.

Hyundai Motor, which produces cars in Tamil Nadu, has made India its global hub for the Santro hatchback; it plans to ship 100,000 India-made cars to 60 nations this year, and 300,000 within two years.

According to this WSJ story by Rasul Bailay and Peter Wonacott, network management is poised to see a big wave of outsourcing to -- where else? -- India:

The latest wrinkle in outsourcing has come to this: The network-computer guy working for American and European companies is an Indian engineer -- working in India. Industry executives think the market for long-distance monitoring of computer networks, dubbed "remote infrastructure management," could be worth tens of billions of dollars, as multinationals try to cut costs and Indian outsourcers tighten security checks on corporate data they manage.

Growth is expected as factories become more computerized and remote services expand to include controlling plant temperatures from afar and even monitoring who enters and exits the premises. "Theoretically," says Azim Premji, chairman and founder of India outsourcing company Wipro Ltd., "anything on a network can be managed remotely from India."


  1. Anonymous said...

    Anand giridharadas filed this story to Paris based International Herald Tribune (the newspaper for which he works for) on 17th April.

    See the Pictures @

    I wonder why New York Times which owes IHT took more than a month to reproduce this !!!

  2. Anonymous said...

    i was thinking on the same lines as pradeep. i remember linking to the IHT article more than a month ago. the content and the author are same.

  3. Abi said...

    Pradeep, Kaps: Thanks for pointer to the IHT article. Usually, IHT carries articles that originally appear in NYTimes or Washington Post; this story seems to be the opposite!