Monday, May 15, 2006

Analyzing Google

In the last several weeks, there have been a bunch of interesting articles analyzing Google: the company, its swagger, its business, its prospects, its competitors, and yes, its motto ("Don't do evil"). Here are the links to a few good ones:

First up is the Wall Street Journal piece: Management a la Google by the management strategy guru, Gary Hamel.

Next is the London Economist piece: Fuzzy math: In a few short years, Google has turned from a simple and popular company into a complicated and controversial one. The accompanying photo-cartoon itself is worth a visit! Also, don't forget to check out this short take by the Economist on the phenomenon called "Web 2.0".

Finally, here are two fine pieces by Robert X. Cringely: It Doesn't Take an Einstein to Realize Why Microsoft Is Headed Down and Google Is Headed Up (from last week) and Google Doesn't Have to Try Nearly as Hard as Microsoft, Yet to Maximize Its Success Google Ought to Try Even Less (from this week).