Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Two great new blogs

On 30 January 2006, the 58th anniversary of the killing of the Mahatma, The Other India, a new collaborative blog, was born. It will feature contributions from Anand, Dilip, Shivam, Uma, and Vikrum. From the "About Us" page of this blog:

The vast number of homeless immigrants who pour into India’s metropolises every day and live in slums are the other half of a shining India. We know that India still remains deeply divided between its elites and its have-nots; a divide so great that much of the elite does not even see it, happily believing that the nation as a whole is on its way to superpower status. There is no doubt at all that economic liberalisation has helped a section of the economy, yet there is equally no doubt that there are faultlines in economic growth and equitability. Social rifts - such as those pertaining to caste and communal tensions - intersect in complex ways with the changing economic landscape.

This blog will attempt to explore that uncertain terrain. It will focus on the “other half” that is often ignored by a market-driven mainstream media. It will attempt to present a fuller picture of India and a fuller examination of issues of concern than what we normally see around us.

Considering the passion, commitment and intellectual firepower of the people behind this initiative (I am not even talking here about their great writing!), this blog promises to be a great venue for issues affecting the 'other India': India's poor and/or rural folks.

The other collaborative blog is Sthreeling, by a group of feminists (two women and three men):

... this blog is more about discussing the issues that feminism deals with, with as much of an Indian perspective as we* are able to bring in.

I look forward to great things from both these blogs. They are already on my Bloglines subscription list.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Thank you so much

  2. Anonymous said...

    Many thanks, Abi, for the kind words. Thanks also for info on sthreeling

  3. Abi said...

    Anand, Shivam: I must thank you for starting this wonderful initiative.