Monday, February 27, 2006

15 nanoseconds of fame

Here are the links to all of "15 nanoseconds of fame":


Metaphors for blogs

The state of Indian blogdom

About my blog

Blogging is the cover feature in the latest issue of CSI Communications, the monthly newsletter of the Computer Society of India, which claims that it is "the largest and most professionally managed association of and for IT professionals in India". I contributed a piece to this cover feature, which was published in the section on "sample opinions of bloggers", together wtih those by Kartik Kannan and Kishore.

Since CSI Communications is not available online [strange, isn't it?], I will reproduce my piece in three parts which are thematically different. The first part explores some metalphors for blogs: blogs as opinion pieces, blogs as backup brains, etc. In the second part, I hold forth on the state of Indian blogosphere, and in the third, I ruminate a bit about my own blogging journey.

The cover feature itslef has several fine articles: