Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Pan-Indian CET?

V. Jayanth has an op-ed in the Hindu two days ago about why we need to go for a 'national aptitude test' that can be taken by all the students graduating from our higher secondary schools. It is an initiative that I have always supported. The only modifications I would make are: (a) this test should be available on demand (just like GRE, or like BITS-Pilani's entrance exam), (b) it should have tests in as many subjects as our universities and colleges demand [in other words, tests should not be confined to the sciences].


  1. Anonymous said...

    I am not sure what exactly Jayanth meant by an 'aptitute test'.

    In any case, reducing everything to a single test wont work unless the huge differences in standards of the various boards are brought down.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Though I do not know about the fallout of having a uniform penal code, I firmly believe that we need a unified educational structure for most part of the curriculum for students. Not will should students be given a common "core" education; they will also be able to compete at a national level. But, yes, that presupposes better schools even in remote areas et al, but we have to get there as soon as possible!

  3. Anonymous said...

    Sorry, I meant "Not only will students be given a common... in the previous comment.

  4. Abi said...

    Aswin: Jayanth is probably talking about the usual CET. At least, that would be my guess.

    Kumar: Thanks for dropping by. The vision you outlined (everyone getting equal opportunity through a uniformly good education) is truly great. One of the great challenges for us is "Just how do we get from here to there?".