Monday, January 09, 2006

The McKinsey report

There have been quite a few opinions about the recent McKinsey report (mine is here) that identified the obstacles to be overcome by the IT and BPO companies in their march towards a 60 billion dollar revenue by 2010. One of the obstacles is the poor quality of education; the report opined that only 25 percent of our engineering graduates (and 10-15 percent of our other graduates) are employable.

Over at Simpact, Manohar has a sharp take on the demands of the IT outsourcing industry, with a particular focus on the demand that our education system be spruced up to help the industry.

[...] to plan for improvement in infrastructure so as to faciliatate a market share in outsourced services is dangerous. Abdicating control to outsourced services industry as the determiner of state policy, ranging from infrastructure, education, real estate, retail market and so on, does not augur well for the country. [...]

The really interesting part is in the beginning of the post where Thomas B. Macauley (together with his Minute on Indian Education) makes a curious entry. Sorry, no quotes here; you have to go and read the whole thing.

Let it also be known that this is the first time I am linking to the blog of Prof. Swami Manohar, a great friend, a colleague for many years, and now the CEO of PicoPeta, the company that markets Amida brand of simputers.