Friday, January 27, 2006

"I only want bad reviews sent to me"

... I have appreciated any journalist who has spoken his mind. You only learn from criticism. I once told the record companies that I only want bad reviews sent to me even though it may be painful, hurting and embarrassing. I want it that way because I might very easily believe what the press is writing and become an insufferable bore. Young artistes heed my advice and read only bad reviews.

Great words from Ian Anderson, in an interview with Anand Sankar for the Hindu's Bengaluru edition. Don't forget to read, down at the end, the dumb FAQs that are never to be asked in an interview with the great man.

Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull (Anderson says "... it is true that a lot of people think I am Jethro Tull") will be performing for IIM-B on 3 February 2003; the concert was originally planned to be held in their Singapore campus, but since MHRD didn't play ball, the concert will be in their Bengaluru campus. The Hindu has more info on how to get tickets.