Saturday, January 28, 2006

Anna University

"We [the] students, who have the right to decide whom to elect and the ability to design micro satellites, surely should be given the right to decide what we wear ..."

"Students have been frisked for carrying cell phones humiliatingly - an ignominy normally reserved for terrorists,"

Excerpts (in this NDTV report by Alaphia Zoyab) from a letter from students of Anna University to the President of India. The students are using a democratic -- if un-dramatic -- way to protest, and I think they have been wise in choose this method.

While we are on the topic of protests by university students, I think this one is great.

In a follow-up post Alaphia says:

The letter written to the President is being circulated to gather signatures. It is written straight from the heart and shows the vice-chancellor in very poor light. The VC therefore is desperate to get hold of the letter. His office called and asked me for a copy and they were told kindly to go to hell. So now students’ bags are being checked for it!

This post and the comments thereon are filled with terror-laden words: Taliban, Nazi, death squad. Amazing, isn't it? The great VC, 'Professor' Viswanathan, must be really proud of his record.

Update: I have some more thoughts here.


  1. Anonymous said...

    This should be the last of anyone's worries. The VC has found a fantastic way to waste everyone's time.

  2. Abi said...

    Thanks, Selva, for your comment, and you are absolutely right.

    I have also posted some more thoughts (link is in the update at the end of this post).