Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Anand Parthasarathy

Recently, Anand pointed us to the blog by Siddharth Varadarajan, a regular columnist and deputy editor at the Hindu; well, it is not really a blog, it is more like an archive of his essays, reports and columns, similar to Swaminathan Aiyar's website. Npw, I really hope someone can convince Anand Parthasarathy, the tech correspondent at the Hindu, to start a blog.

Take a look at this report by Anand Parthasarathy on the developments in getting a really low-priced mobile phones to the market. He calls, rightly, the 1,000 rupee (about 20 Dollars) barrier the 'Lakshman Rekha' -- a major psychological barrier -- of mobiles.


  1. Kanakaraj C said...

    Sir we are trying to reach Mr.Anand Parthasarathy the technical columnist of The Hinde to send an information about an Indian High Technology product for his review and introduction.

    As we have noticed, he seems to be a supporter of Desi High Tech products and the product that we want to send the details to him is one of its kind in India and also in the World.

    The technology and the development is totally Indian which we can be very proud of.

    We are very much sure that this product is going to be the talk product in the recent times.

    We therefore request you to kindly provide us the mail Id of Mr.Anand Parthasarathy to send the details of the product to him.

  2. Falkor said...

    Nice blog...

    Is this blog of Anand Parthasarathy up?