Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Argumentative Indian


Hurree of Kitabkhana has more: some exceprts from the book and links to a couple of reviews.

Yet another link (via Sonia Faleiro) to a review by William Dalrymple in the Times.

Here are the links to the bloggers who have been talking about The Argumentative Indian, Amartya Sen's latest book of essays: Selva, Chandrahas, Reuben and Anup.

In particular, Anup and Chandrahas have links to some of the book's essays that are available online. And, Reuben has excerpts from a review in The Economist (sorry, subscribers only!).

While on the subject of The Economist, via Ramnath's coffee house we get a link to an excellent article in the magazine about this great institution called, um, coffee house (you don't need a subscription to read this one). The article traces the history of this institution, and presents some interesting parallels between the coffee houses of the eighteenth century and the internets of the twenty-first. Good read!