Friday, July 29, 2005

Higher ed revolution in China

Two links about how China is sprucing up its higher education sector. First, check out this story in the Christian Science Monitor [link via Mark Trodden over at Cosmic Variance, an excellent group blog of a bunch of physicists]. The second link is to this NBER report titled Does Globalization of the Scientific/Engineering Workforce Threaten U.S. Economic Leadership? [link via Slashdot].

Well, the China story is absolutely fascinating; it is so fascinating, in fact, that it does not need any spicy comparisons with the US story or the India story. However, you find most of the news items in the media flogging this us-vs-them theme when it comes to reporting about Chinese progress in any field. So, the CSM story on Chinese revolution in higher education represents a refreshing break from the norm!


  1. Anonymous said...

    thnaks for this link, Abi... as you say, one of those rare things that happen in China that's gotten reported positively!
    "That focus on thinking outside the box - as well as developing a young scholar who can sort through Plato as well as a software program - is helping to drive China's rethink." sigh! what we keep hoping for India....