Friday, July 15, 2005

Honorary doctorate for Ratan Tata

It is from the University of Warwick. Here is the ToI story. A recent issue of Newsweek-Asia had a glowing cover story about the Tata group (link via Kaps at Sambhar Mafia).

Some of you may be aware of the close ties between IISc and the House of Tatas. Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata dreamt of setting up an educational institution devoted to science and technology. He put together all the necessary ingredients for it, but didn't live to see IISc's 'official' birth in 1909, and real birth in 1911 when students were admitted into programs in Electrotechnology, and General and Applied Chemistry. The Court and Council of IISc have always had representatives of the House of Tatas in them; J.R.D. Tata was the President of the Court for a very long time. Ratan Tata is the current President of the IISc Court.

Even now, Bangaloreans are fond of calling it the 'Tata Institute'; most of them (particularly, auto and taxi wallahs, who really matter to out-of-towners) are blissfully ignorant of the existence of a mere IISc; if you make the mistake of asking an auto wallah to take you to IISc, you might land up at the IIM. So, beware!


  1. Anonymous said...

    I think Ratan Tata is worthy enuf to get the honorary doctorate.

    By taking people to IIM in Bannerghatta road, the autowallah can probably make a lot of money.