Tuesday, April 19, 2005

On the other hand ...

Just yesterday, I blogged about women's solidarity with bar girls. Today, do take a look at another view, this time from the testosterone-filled editorial rooms of the Economic times (Bangalore edition, 18 April 2005).

The editorial worthies express sympathy for, and solidarity with, -- just hold your breath -- the men! Why? Because the poor souls will miss all the action at the dance bars! Just a couple of short extracts:

[Snip...] To understand a dance bar, it’s very important to understand men. At any time, any place, a man has the selfless urge to gape at a woman in unconcealed appreciation but the class distinctions that women so cruelly follow makes ogling flattering when a silky-haired good-looking man in Allen Solly does it, but offensively leery when performed by a taxi driver.

[...] It is the benevolent nature of the dance bar, to let men be men, without a single blouse being displaced.

Sadly, honest manhood in Mumbai will lose its last oasis of legitimacy. The world is increasingly becoming a difficult place for men. [...]

Please wipe those tears off your cheek, will you?

It is indeed nice to know that the 'internets' offer such a great variety of whines ...