Thursday, April 07, 2005

Joel on FogBugz

Here is a very interesting series of five articles by that great writer on software development, Joel Spolsky, whom I have mentioned before. In this series titled "The Road to FogBugz 4.0", Joel recounts the history of development of the new version of his company's flagship software. I really don't have any idea about FogBugz, but I can appreciate much of what he says about software development; and, he says a lot also about much else about running a business, the role of interns, strategy, pricing, and so on. Read the articles; they are educational, informative, entertaining and great!

Along the way -- in the fourth article, I think -- I learned of a couple of really nice sites. One of them is the CSS Zen Garden which is devoted to website designs using nothing but web standards established by W3C and other organizations. In particular, it uses just XHTML and CSS to produce beautiful designs for web pages (it contains an archive of designs contributed by others). All this may sound rather drab, but take a look at their astonishingly fresh designs, and prepare yourself to be amazed!

The other link I found is to Mike Gunderlo's site The Daily Grind. Mike's advice for writers, while seemingly written to an audience of writers about computers and software, should be useful for others as well.