Friday, April 29, 2005

It keeps going, and going, ...

... and going! Remember the commercial in which a toy bunny powered by Energizer batteries keeps going and going -- sometimes into commercials for other products ?

The fight between the rich kids is still going strong. The analogy with the Energizer bunny goes deeper than this observation, though. Their fight has such staying power that it is going into many other things, and who knows, it may actually appear in a commercial! See footnote [1].

Anil's resignation from the IPCL board, his letter to the Reliance Industries board, his claim that "it is Reliance XI vs. me", edgy markets getting spooked by Anil'sletter to SEBI, ... Well, it keeps going, and going!

I love this fight, simply because it shines light on the rich and infamous, and on pious notions that capitalism is all about perfect markets. It gives us all a clue to what makes these men -- and the markets -- tick.

[1] It may already have happened; remember the two brothers separated by an unbreakable wall in the ad for Ambuja Cements ?