Thursday, February 21, 2013


  1. Daniel Hamermesh in VoxEU: Aging and Productivity: Economists and Others.

    Is economics still a young person’s game? If not, what is changing? This column argues that although top-level economic research in the 1990s was very much a young person’s game, the last 15 years has been kinder to older economists. More and more economists over 50 are being published in the top journals. Why? Because technological change in economic research is slowing, giving young researchers less competitive edge.

  2. Geoffrey Pullum in CHE: Being an Adverb. Yet another take-down of a columnist/blogger advising the removal of adverbs from one's writing. Great stuff. Pullum also has a link to his earlier take-down of "Strunk & White’s toxic little compendium of misguided maxims."

  3. Interesting column explaining how to prune this paragraph:

    It is important to recognize the fact that every subject, given that its content is not totally reducible to some other subject area, presents a special set of pedagogic problems arising as a result of the distinctive character of their contents and their essential nature. The problems may be regarded as particularizations of the general pedagogical considerations which must be treated by any and all teachers who seek to seriously discharge his or her educational responsibilities in a highly efficacious manner.

    into this:

    Every subject presents its own pedagogic problems.

  4. BBC: awesome pictures of Kumbh Mela from space.