Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Annals of Occupational Hazards

This Indian Express story is not quite the most link-worthy news of the day, but it *is* about an Indian university:

The officiating dean of the law faculty of M S University (MSU), Ghanshyam Solanki, was arrested ... Monday evening for allegedly spraying a herb, known in local language as kuvech which causes acute irritation when it comes in contact with human body, on the chair that was to be occupied by university vice-chancellor (V-C) Yogesh Singh at a national seminar organised Saturday. [...]The effect of the herb was so strong that Singh was forced to leave the venue within 2-3 minutes after he occupied the chair, university officials said.

In case you want another source: ToI.


  1. L said...

    Sounds like a Billy Bunter story. with this level of maturity, people have had "successful" carrers in universities.

  2. Santosh Sali said...

    This is also widely available plant in Sahyadri Ghats. In fact I remember my school days, when some students used this on Benches and on faculty. The effective remedy is use Cow-dung to remove itching.

    This is known as "KhajKuyali" in local Marathi parlance.