Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tamil Book Fair

For those unaware of it, the 36th Chennai annual book fair is on during this and next week (until 23rd Jan, 2013). Location: YMCA Physical Education College grounds (humongous and bang in the center of the city) in Nandhanam | Timings: Holidays 11 AM to 9:30 PM; other days: 2 PM to 9: 30 PM.

Primarily a Tamil books fair (few stalls with English language books), with more than 500 stalls, the visit is worth more than the token five rupees entry fee and even daunting for book readers. Here is a list of Tamil books (written in Tamil) that I recommend and bought (the two are different) at the fair.

The facilities (parking, food stalls and toilets) certainly don't discourage your visit. That I should be visiting it during this weekend could influence your plan for the weekend visit either way.

(Yes, the 'drawing' is a weak attempt at putting my computer to a different use from computing and writing)


  1. Vijay Sethuraman said...

    Dear Prof. Arunn, Thanks for bringing this to the attention of folks like me - wouldn't have known about this otherwise! And also to the list of books you have in! Such a nice collection! Vijay.