Saturday, January 26, 2013


All of them are about Aaron Swartz, his suicide, and its aftermath.

  1. First, a video of the speech by Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman at the Aaron Swartz Memorial in New York.

  2. Lawrence Lessig in The Atlantic blog: Aaron's Law: Violating a Site's Terms of Service Should Not Land You in Jail.

  3. Following strong criticism of MIT's role in the prosecution of Aaron Swartz (especially from Aaron's family), MIT President Rafael Reif has asked Prof. Hal Abelson to review "MIT's involvement" in "events arising from actions taken by Aaron Swartz to access JSTOR through the MIT computer network." Abelson has set the ball rolling with an open letter to the MIT community, and with a website where "you [the MIT community] can suggest questions and issues to guide this review and you can comment on the questions of others." [The website is open to public to view.]

Update: CNET reports that Aaron might not have faced the threat of decades of jail term if the Federal Prosecutor had not taken the case over.