Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Annals of Unusual Careers

One more data point:

MTech from IIT is mutt head:

Seer Nirmalanandanatha, an MTech from IIT-Madras, heading the Chikkaballapur branch of Adichunchanagiri mutt, was anointed the 72nd head of the mutt and successor of seer Balagangadharanatha, on Monday.

Actually, this story was worth a link just for the "mutt head" in the title.


  1. prayaani said...

    Actually there are a few more: Shankar Ramachandran also IIT-M/TIFR phys/math, becaome head of a large following - somewhere near Chennai
    2. Some one from IIT-KGP, ex-ICI exec,(Soumen Mukherjee?) went on to he head of Dev sangha, Deogarh, Bihar. he died recently.
    I knew both of them. Sorry I cant remember exact details. Neither referred to as 'mutt head 'thankfully!