Wednesday, April 04, 2012

How about writing a thesis on comic books ...

... in the form of a comic book? This awesome idea is what Nick Sousanis is running with, and I think it's great that his advisers/mentors at Columbia University's Teachers College are supporting him.

On his blog, Sousanis has been posting some of his work (including his HASTAC talk in which he presents some ideas that will presumably go into his thesis). I especially liked his letter / tribute to Prof. Maxine Greene the comic entitled Maxine Says.

He gets it exactly right when he highlights the superiority of the comics format over the "research paper":

"I know if I took a research paper I wrote of the same topic, the same density, there's no chance I could hand it to somebody on the street [and they would read it]. My mom might read it, but that's about where it would end."


  1. L said...

    As for actual comic books, Asterix deserves a thesis. Every time I re-read one, I see something I had missed before. But on second thoughts, a thesis would probably put me off Asterix forever.

  2. Shivankit said...

    Interesting topic sir!
    here is one more

  3. Anant said...

    Here is a story on reserach on Amar Chitra comics.

  4. nsousanis said...

    Dear Abi & Nanopolitan,
    Was pleased to come across this account of my work! Thanks for the kind words and for sharing this with your readers. Glad to see some of the other links as well. I'm continuing to post from the dissertation on my site ( and hoping to finish soon... Thanks, Nick