Thursday, April 05, 2012

Flynn Effect for the Physique?

... research by The Economist finds that the average British size-14 pair of women’s trousers is today more than four inches wider at the waist than a size 14 in the 1970s, and over three inches wider at the hips.

From this short post at Graphic Detail.


  1. Nappinnai NC said...

    Why should this be surprising? Physically, ppl want to align themselves with our expanding Universe. Car, flight seats size have become larger over the years. Not to mention about food items! Its available in Super-size!!! Whenever I go out to do grocery or other shopping, i start counting the no. of people who are overweight/obese in a window frame of 5 mnts. Its frightening. Two-thirds of Americans are overweight & 1/3 is obese. It so happens that the top 10 'Obese' states are Red states. Even the designers like Ralph Lauren/TH/CK/MK have expanded their sizes for the average public(am not talking about Runway Fashion). Its very difficult to find Size 0/2 in regular malls/shops except high end designers like Chanel, Gucci, D&G(who stick true to their size chart) and reasonably priced(yet caters to physically tall females with hour glass figure and their size chart is the same) designers like BCBGMaxazria, Bebe, White House/Black Market.

    People eat too much 'junk' food and the brain also says 'i'm not satisfied with junk, so keep eating until you feed me real healthy food;then i will give you a signal to stop eating'. Food is No 1 culprit. Exercise is secondary. Unfortunately fat women pat themselves on the back saying 'i'm proud to be curved and not a stick like the runway models'. She is like a stick because 'money' pours in. 'WHat is your fat for' is to be analysed.

    Note: 90% of treadmill users are out of shape!!! So, to maintaion a healthy/sexy physique, free weights, push-ups, walking/jogging/running/swimming and other 'natural' exercises are the way to go. When comes to workouts, my favorite guy is 'Rock'(Dwayne Johnson) who also happens to be First Lady Michelle Obama's favorite:-)