Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hilarious Take on Fairness Creams

Triggered in part by a recent (viral) video ad that shows "[a] married girl thinking about those shame-shame areas of her body, that too while having coffee with her husband!", Suchi Govindarajan has penned a hilarious commentary in Himal South Asian about fairness creams and the video ads for them. Fabulous stuff -- go read it now!

Among the things Govindarajan mocks is "technology behind the bleach and fairness creams." Which reminded me of the infamous Challenge of the Month that launched a crowdsourcing experiment put together jointly by DST and P&G [by the way, the experiment appears to have died after two "Challenges"].

Here's a quick taste of what Govindarajan dishes out:

I am hearing there is lot of technology behind bleach and fairness cream. Are you knowing that some creams is coming direct from smart scientists at research institutes? First of all, these creams are all acting at a cellular level, not like our rose powder. Some ions are being released by the cream, and it is going into the underside of skin and just burning all the melanin into hot air (this melanin is useless compound anyway). At the same time, the ions are going outside and building big shield like Karna had in Mahabharata TV show. This shield is preventing bad things like sunlight, dust, common sense, etc. I am also reading on how the cream is improving IQ. It seems our brain is like a cauliflower. Fairness creams are having some hi-fi technology, namely Nano OzoNe Sensitiser agents. This NONSens agents is going into brain and like cement, it is sitting between the cauliflower gaps and that is how it is increasing IQ. I am really amazing about this every time.


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