Saturday, September 10, 2011


Uh, oh!

  • In reply to an unstarred question on August 25, Ministry of External Affairs said no vice-chancellor has been appointed in Nalanda University.

  • However, according to an RTI reply, vice chancellor Gopa Sabharwal and seven of her associates are drawing salaries since October 2010. Vice-chancellor draws salary of Rs 5,06,513 per month.

Tehelka's Iftikhar Gilani digs up a lot more dirt of this kind. There's probably some innocent explanation for this sort of stuff, but it seems bizarre that this university should be run by the Ministry of External Affairs.


  1. Anonymous said...

    This scandal big as it is, is dwarfed by an bigger scandal, an intellectual and academic one. One of the protagonists of this "Nalanda University" movement, Amartya Sen, is a poseur on historical matters. Whatever he has written on Buddhism, Hinduism, the history and philosophy is based entirely on 2nd and 3rd hand information - in some cases articles in the popular press. In this scheme of things - which is entirely based on transplanting the history of the European Protestant Reformation to India - Buddha is the Martin Luther, and Buddhism the new Protestant faith. It is laughable if it did not come from such an academic fraud.

  2. Ankur Kulkarni said...

    Abi: See