Saturday, September 17, 2011

Academic Blog of the Day

And this one is big. Really, Really Big.

It's called A central Central University -- "the Unofficial Blog of the VC, University of Hyderabad." [A big thank-you to my colleague and coffee buddy B. Anantanarayan [blog) for the alert].

The Vice Chancellor, of course, is Prof. Ramakrishna Ramaswamy. In addition to dealing with vice-chancellorly   matters and other such heaviosities, Prof. Ramaswamy is not averse to telling (and showing) us what he had for breakfast!

Prof. Ramaswamy was earlier with JNU-Physics Department. Among his many other avatars, I'll just note two that I know of / about: he is among the good folks behind Scholars without Borders, an online bookstore for academic books. And he co-edited (with my colleague Prof. Rohini Godbole) the wonderful book of autobiographical essays by Indian women scientists, Lilavati's Daughters. He has been writing this blog since July, but I came to know about it over this morning's coffee with Anant.

Go check out the awesome blog, whose URL says it all: HCU Rocks!


  1. Vijay said...

    Fantastic start by Ram Ramaswamy!! Congratulations to him and thanks to you, Abi, for linking. Great strength and staying power to him

  2. Vijay said...

    Looks like Shantiniketan has a a new VC: Shantanu Duttagupta from IISER Kolkota: