Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Cute Overload

Here's the YouTube link.

Link via Jonah Lehrer's post on recent research following up on the original marshmallow kids.


  1. Nappinnai NC said...

    Oh My God, i enjoyed the kids weird gestures(especially the boy with rosy cheeks!) more than the marshmallow study! Kids understand delayed gratification better than adults do who crave for instant gratification. Since i have never tasted marshmallow, i'm surprised that kids could resist it fairly well. All these kids behavior/temptation should be studied when they turn 20 by replacing marshmallow with scotch(or a similar kind like tobacco/drug/oxycontin) and also extending the duration from 15 mnts to couple of hours. That will reflect some light on the behavior of alcoholics/smokers/drug addicts. In order to quit or keep it to a minimum any of these habits, it requires the power of 'delaying'. Those who show patience to delay are the ones likely to quit smoking which accounts for roughly 85% of lung cancers which is the leading cause of death in US and worldwide and it has surpassed cancer deaths from breast, prostate and colorectal combined.