Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some links on the Wikileaks saga

  1. Tom Slee at Whimsley: WikiLeaks Shines a Light on the Limits of Techno-Politics.

  2. Henry Farrell at Crooked Timber: State Power and the Response to Wikileaks.

  3. Clay Shirky: Wikileaks and the Long Haul.

  4. Julian Sanchez at Cato: Wikileaks and “Economies of Repression.”

  5. Editorial in The Guardian: WikiLeaks: The man who kicked the hornet's nest.

You know which is the most awesome commentary so far? It is Pravda carrying an opinion piece with stuff like this: [Thanks to Prof. S. Arunachalam for the e-mail alert].

And damn the right-wing outrage over the Wikileaks revelations. It is the American people who should be outraged that its government has transformed a nation with a reputation for freedom, justice, tolerance and respect for human rights into a backwater that revels in its criminality, cover-ups, injustices and hypocrisies.

So savor the Wikileaks documents while you can, because soon they'll be gone. And for the government criminals of the world, and for those who protect them, it will again be business as usual.