Sunday, December 12, 2010

Awesome things about l'affaire Radia

  • The first, of course, is Niira Radia's clout. The woman is amazing: she has mastered the entire desi system, pretty much all the institutions in it, to swing the game in favour of her clients. And imagine: she did not even grow up in India -- she moved to India only in 1995!

    [But how did she manage to get into the cross wires of Income Tax sleuths?]

  • The clarity of the telephone calls. Listen to this one with N.K. Singh -- and watch for the traffic noise. I mean, the sound quality beats A.R. Rahman's background score in Enthiran!

    [On the other hand, the line does get cut -- just like it does for the rest of us. Two cheers for 2G equality!]

  • But the most awesomest of them all is the Indian government's crisp efficiency -- in getting the required permissions to tap Radia's phone. In implementing the tap. And, most importantly, in keeping the damned tapes from prying eyes of the press for so many months! Who could have thunk that our government could pull it off?

    [It appears to have dropped the ball in the timing of the release, though.]


  1. _ said...

    About the clarity of the calls, given that some/all of them were encrypted maybe those systems came with noise reduction systems. Might be unlikely, but not far-fetched.

    About the timing of release, maybe some brave soul realized that something this explosive would never see the light of the day, and decided to act on the information themselves?